Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

very slow progress with my dollshouses

This house (ebay uk) inspired me to make a mini-version of it, because there is no thouht of purchasing such houses in its real size for me - sigh. As I told you, I was not very happy with the result of my first shot. Because I had no red paint, I tried to use tape, but that doesn't look good on a close view. And I realized: my workroom for minis was very messy and to small.

I promised to show more pics of the house and here they are with the tape. There was another synchronizity, because in the next morning I saw a tv-report about TAPE-ART!
I've never heard about that before.

I bought some red color and these stuff, hoping the second shot would be better.
but I am not content with the 2. result, too.
The boxes for toothpicks - very cheap, so I bought a lot - inspired me to make another house - so that the unfinished projekts grew to more and more.....;-)

I'm not sure if I'll be in the mood for working on this projects in the next time - but let's see what happens.

8 Kommentare:

  1. A messy workroom? Sounds just like my place!
    I love the way you've used staples on both versions for the balconies - just perfect for this scale! I would never have thought of it - it's another example of your excellent Mini-Eye!
    I like both versions,though I think the toothpicks might work better flat at both ends - more art deco? I have tried to use red tape as frames around prints, and it is very annoying the way it lifts and peels and just won't stay down. But it seems to work for you except on the roof?
    A great cube house too!!

  2. thank you very much, Rebecca. I will try it again with flat-at-the-ends-toothpicks. You're right, but I was too lazy to cut.
    I will never use this damned tape for anything else than fixing my fabrics around something.
    I'm justing painting the cube-house and trying to glue the staples on the house - very difficult for my thick fingers - okay they feel thick and aren't ;-)
    good night for you and hope to see you soon.

  3. Staples, huh!? Great use here, but oh the possibilities! You have such good ideas!

  4. thank you kathi, I enjoy your ardor.
    the staples makes very good grips too. Look forward to seeing what you'll make.

  5. Thank you for the idea with the boxes.I get so many great tips from your blog!

  6. you're welcome! I like to see your blog too. Such interesting details! You have these wonderful tools and I often feel like a fool with my ideas - and beeing unable to make really good pieces.

  7. Oh MC, too much honor! Necessity is the mother of invention.