Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

the empty room filled

I love to have an empty room in a house, this one in the lundby-kitchen (never used as a kitchen) was very cosy for me with only a few items in it.
But today my order from UK with a TRIANG-chair arrived AND a gift from Callsmall - guess what it is?

I was a bit shocked, because the chair is sooo small and I picked my very small shelves, that would go with it well. One of them was in this turquoise colour, that doesn't match to many other things. But today everything turned out to be perfect. Callsmalls postcard with the red lips of the woman and the background in the perfect same colour as the shelve - I am happy!
The room is not full of furniture - as I like it. What a great day.

Suzan Geridönmez,

... after a few days (I need for a new idea) I want to give you a flower-welcome. So nice you follow my blog, thank you very much.

There are no flowers on my balcony, I haven't shown yet, so I tried to make an ikebana-style arrangements with natural and plastic flowers.

Hope you like it, it's only for you!

counter area shrift

When I am in my shrift I often think it is a good theme for miniatures. every year a new design, lot of glass and chrome and extraordinary ideas. looks like they have enough money for designers - not like me :-(
My counter area isn't such hightech, but hopefully makes a secure athmosphere for the customers.