Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Review of the Year 2009

Dear blogger-friends, dear new followers!
Thank you for beeing my visitor - some of you - nearly every day. I enjoy your interestingness, comments and questions or suggestions very much. I'm so glad that I improved my english and that there are less words I have to look after in the dictionary month by month. That is because of you! I would never be motivated to improve my english before having so many international readers.
I want to give you, and especially the new followers, a very short overview of my posts this year.
Have fun! Have a good new year and may some of your dreams come true (and there may be some dreams left to dream).
PS: I made this post a few days ago, today I'll go to celebrate the last day of the year with a friend in Hamburg and at the weekend I will build my new IKEA-furniture.

Januar 2009
This is how it all begun: A few tiny things like playmobil in my cupboard - I liked the idea to have a small hair-salon. Had no idea to what this would lead....

Februar 2009
I began to craft a few things with cardpaper and fabric and polymer clay, I bought some dogs and beads and looked at the things I had allready with "mini-eyes".

März 2009
I purchased my first miniatures in HongKong. Didn't know what trouble that means with the customs. But all went well and I made a designer-table from light wood I saw in the other blogs for miniatures.
April 2009
I was so inspired by the other bloggers, I wanted to copy the wonderful style, I didn't realized yet, that my furniture was too big for my lundby-house.

Mai 2009 Messe in Soest
My first miniature-fair - I only visited because it was near to my hometown. It was a bit overwhelming for me, but I found a few nice chairs without paying posting or customs.

Juni 2009 Villa Eichhorn - pimped
I purchased a dollshouse for children and had a lot of work and fun to pimp it up to a kind of "modern dollshouse". It found its place near the window and I learned to make fotos with the sunlight or lamps beside it. It was really a lot of fun!

Juli 2009 First Swap
I bought so many things this year and I realized, that I couldn't keep them all. I dediced to give away some items and had my first Swap with the very nice Lady Doreen. She got three Bodo-Hennig dolls. The familiy arrived in Canada and had a warm welcome.

August 2009 Antique dollshouse furniture
I made a short trip with my son to pick up a very old dollshouse I found on ebay. I loved the antique furniture, but not the house. And everything was much bigger than I guessed after looking at the fotographs. Some of this pieces are in Australia now, because Rebecca loved it too, but I kept this wonderful doll and a few pieces for my scenes. I had a lot of work with it on my balcony - but it was worth it.

September 2009 The last summer days
Doreen made a wonderful barbecue, a golf-bag and some other really nice things for me. I made this summer scene that some of you reminds of their own garden-corners.
It is to mention that I had swaps with a few others of my new blogger friends, not only Doreen. And it was a great pleasure to me.

Oktober 2009 More minimini-houses
I first visited the modelrailway shop in my neighborhood and found a lot of nice N-scale houses for my collection. I started with a Villa Sibi made of a little wooden box and that was the beginning! This is my way to collect nice dollshouses, because I have no space to collect the real ones.

November 2009 Extension floor
This was my chance to get another room which needs no more space: the extension floor for my smaland house. I love big rooms with the possibility to make two areas like living and cooking or sleeping and working.

Dezember 2009 Massage-bench
I admired the work of Pinchofpepper on flickr and had the currage to ask her for making me an OOAK-piece. And she agreed and started immediatly, because she loves to make minis.
Hi Pinchofpepper, if you read this: Best wishes to you!