Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

The carver

has a lot to do before christmas. Every year the people like to buy his wooden work as a christmas present. He make the three ape, which see, hear and say nothing. Today he liked a blue touch in his home and added a blue beadspread, towel and a dutch tile he got from a friend.
 After hours and hours and weeks of carving he has pretty much goodies for the christmas-market, where he will sell his work.

He enjoys the vist of a little girl who loves the wood and wanted to try to make some things of her own.

 The bed with an old fotograph in a frame. It shows a lot of old friends in a barbershop.
His goat is very sporting and wanted to see what's up in the hut.

Kettle and Bed

 Yesterday I made this kettle from airdrying clay and the bed of an barton-bed and some piece of wood. I removed the filling of the bed and put some letter-noodles (because I had no rice) in it. With rice in the pillows they have a much better outlook, more natural. Try it. I played around with the hut, you can see it in the header and

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