Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

Introducing Midge

I want to introduce Midge. Inspired by so pretty fashion-doll-fotographs I found between the miniature-pics on flickr I startet to make fotos of my fashion dolls. They was with my niece a few month but now she gave them back to me, because she didn't like to play with.
If you are interested, I will show the Midge and Barbie pics on flickr.

New followers

In the beginning of my blog I used to make a flower arrangement with real flowers for each new follower, it was fun to make it for me. But meanwhile there are so many new followers and not everybody has an own blog or a profile-foto, so I lost the overview, who is really new.
This is the time we can see a lot of annual reviews in tv and so I take the chance and say hello and welcome to my new followers and everybody with a review.
Here are my real-blossoms-pictures of the year 2009!