Samstag, 14. November 2009

what is more fun than ...

... a packet arriving with nice stuff for the dollshouse in it?

I disliked this stairrail since I had this house, but I had no idea for a change. today I had the currage to cut it off and give the room a kind of new wall, where a shelve can hang. In this small rooms not so bad. I wanted to show you the bar with the matching stools, but I like the way it stands before the wall as a simple sink-unit too.
I cutted the tabletop of the blue table with my saw, it was a piece of plexi my son gave me. Do you like the legs from my toolsbox?

swap with petitenouveau

this is the scene I made with petitenouveaus wooden sofa and chair and a few of her extras she put into the packet. I have absolutel no idea, what the "dingsbums" on the sidetable is, but it is nice. the book is for traveling minifans: "where is the next miniature-shop" in a few languages.
I found the small violine on the table last week in a charity-shop.
the art on the wall is a christmas-card made by katimus.


this weekend seems to be great:
I have some plexiglass and metal strips my son gave me to make minis of it.
I have a packet that arrived from petitenouveau.
I have a new lundby kitchen bar - arrived this week.
I have enough time to make nice scenes and no dates!
but first things first and so I allow you only a short view with a few of the items I mentioned.