Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009


For a long time I was searching for such chairs, they are so costly at ebay or very odd. This were only 1 €.

The ebay-seller made the fotograph in a way that I could not see the legs were not the original ones. But I had enough mikados from my villa-sibi-crafting and so new legs was no great thing!

I ask for the measures very seldom, I take what I get, but I never had thougt that this chairs would be good for lundby - so small. I will try to make a cover in a cyclam-pink (I have an old t-shirt in this colour), but it is okay in the original colour too.

It was hard for me to make a scene that makes me feel good, but I am pleased to have more vintage furniture for my lundby-extension floor - unexpected!

About the light / lighting

There was a question about the light I use. I think the nicest fotos are shot, when the sun shines through the window.
Well, in this post I showed the results with my daylight-lamp, an LED-lamp and without lighting.But very often I use the fotoshop that came with the Picasa3 I downloaded free for organizing my fotos and work with it. Here are some examples what I do with the - very easy - fotoshop:

There are some fotos that don't need any fotoshopping, but a special cutting to look better
like this.

Some fotos are too dark, but it is okay because of a special athmospere:
like this

If you have any special questions, feel free to ask me. I am learning by doing, but like to share my experience!

About my "new" Midcentury sideboard

Some of you liked one of my last sideboards and asked about the material. Here are some fotos of this plastic-box (that came with a vintage sewing machine 1:1 for the little tools).

I think you do not need any explanation: