Samstag, 25. April 2009

Neue Details im Büro / New details in the office

Altera, I'm glad to have you here

I like your rooms and settings very much and I'm proud of having you here.
For me it's very intersting, that there is not even one single mini-collector from Germany, who is reading here. Taenia is from Austria, Annina from Switzerland and Pubdoll writes a very good German, but she is also not from Germany.
So I give up, and in the near future I will try to make my blog in two languages. My daughter perhaps will help me, and I'm shure the most followers will understand, what I write.
But for you I installed a translator today. It is not the one I wanted, which translates the whole website. I have to ask for help, was not able to put it in :-(
Now enjoy my little world.

Update 26.04.09: The translation is in error, so that I deleted it. Hope everyone will be able to translate, since I have found a solution.