Samstag, 7. November 2009

during "wetten dass"

the coffee table the seller sent me today with the other items is too large for the chairs and sofas I have allready, but okay for a dining-table or desk. My coffee-table is a cream-jar.
I think the reac-chairs work well in both scenes in 1:12 and lundby.

I like the grey and brown colours in this scene. the postcard shows the "speicherstadt" in hamburg.

it's the same nearly every saturday.....

... I am full of intention to clean my flat and do the housework untill --- the postman arrives with packets for me. so here a very quick view to my new 60s-style-treasures. I saw such armchairs in anninas fotostream and never hoped to find similar on ebay, but I did. I'm so happy, allthough everything is very dirty. So I have to clean big and small furniture....


I feel a bit uncreative the last days. I have a few new items - but don't know what to do with it. This is my desperate try to use all my new finds: the doll without legs and head (Euroshop), the placemat with the grey-pattern (nearly like saltandpepper, I would like to cover armchairs with it), the big shelve (comes with the "steeltube"-gardenfurniture).
I am not good in sewing and don't even have a mini-sewing machine, but I made a kind of sewing room. I am better in padding and so this could be a padding-room? however....