Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Shrove Monday

This is little Petra with 3 1/3 years on Shrove Monday!

We lived in neighbourhood with a family with 4 children, who was very unusual. The father was gone, the mother was unemployed and the children were allowed to do so many things that are forbidden for us. It was just a paradise for us. I remember we jumped into the mother's bed from the top of the wardrobe! What fun.
On Shrove-Monday she gave a party for all the children who lived in the house, this was unusual too, because she had to move some of her furniture. She was crazy, but kind!

Obviously my little katimus as little red riding hood had not so much fun on her carnival-party in the kindergarten 1988. I guess she was afraid that someone would take her bottle of wine in her basket.

I stay at home this week, I have much trouble with my employers. They don't want to allow me to work less hours a week and ignore my medical attestations since month. So my doctor told me to stay at home for half the day, but they don't allow this because of the insurance - it is so very german!
The good news is, that I visited some more doctors because of my disorder with hearing and attention/concentration/perception and finally one of them had a diagnosis and medical treatment. I will try this, allthough it is not without risks.
Meanwhile I enjoy my childhood memories, my fat doll and I hope to be able to show you some more mini-scenes soon.
Have a great carnival you all!

Update: I found some more pics of carnival in my childhood: another party in the flat of our neighbours. the furniture of the kitchen was moved for us, so that we could enjoy our waffles all together.
when I grew older, I like to make up my face on karnival....