Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

the golden ratio

This is the post in Mini Modern, where I saw first the use of building blocks in a dollshouse. It was very inspiring to me and I want you to show:

Often when I try to make furniture from matchboxes or other boxes or when I need a piece of paper for the flooring of my rooms I noticed, that the things go so well together in their size. Two matchboxes are good for one sofa (the green sofa in the last scene is from covered matchboxes), a sheet of paper is good for the floor in my conservatory and so on.
When I worked as a hairdresser I often read about the golden ratio and tried to find out how to cut the hair with the golden ratio. I wanted to get to the bottom of the beauty and I had very interesting talks with my clients and others about this.
Today I googled for some 1:1 designer cabinets, because I have some more designer-chairs now and most of the cabinets I have are vintage or just boxes or too ordinary. I found a cabinet I like and resolved to try to build it and if I would fail to give an order to "pinchofpepper" or Elisabeth from ELF. I took my praline-box (my very first cabinet), some building blocks, but only for a study and sketch, but then was so happy to realize, that one thing fits to the other. The building-blocks to the box and a tic-tac-box as well. Some "dingsbums" by ikea - and ready!
I didn't measure it, but it MUST be the golden ratio!

The sofa is from pinchofpepper, I think I missed to present it so far, it came with the bedroom and other nice gifts she sent me a while ago. :-)

black & white

This is the second chair I got from ELF-Miniatures in UK. I like to buy these designer-chairs in Europe, they arrive quickly.