Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Crazy about Dollshouses!!!

click on the foto for better quality

I wasn't on ebay this year except the links I found on others blogs - only for a short view. I am so proud that I was able to resist! But today I wanted to buy something new for my dollshouses and I know a very oldfashioned shop for toys and other stuff, I saw a beeboo-dollhouse-furniture set there before christmas. Today after work I made a little walk to this shop, I met an old friend of my schooldays and I found the furniture - only 15 €. I bought some other stuff, it is a treasure trove there! New is the littel birdcage as an easter-decoration, the playmobil-micro-house, the playmobil camera and some other little things. Now I wish I had such a tripod for my camera too.
Hope you enjoy this rooms of a dollshouse-maniac: