Montag, 13. Dezember 2010


I was looking for some inspiration for the fireplace in my hut. I wanted it like a fireplace in the time of Heidi (about 1880-1900). I found the nice blog of  a Hungarian woman my tiny world: Dollhouse...
This and the blog Another gnome's cottage was the inspiration for my (I enjoy a bit different looking) fireplace.
When the gypsum is dry I will take my lighter again.:-)
Now I need a big black kettle with a string. To be honest I didn't understand how this fireplace worked, but I saw many fotographs of such a kitchen called black kitchen or smokey kitchen, and they obviously worked.

Hope you enjoy! By the way, I made the chair from the chair with the thick legs that comes with my Villa Eichhorn.

More kitchen-progress: FlickR