Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

traditional bedroom

Update sunday morning: I realized that I never had or liked a bedroom like this, there was more living in my/our bedrooms and so I changed a few things:

some more unfinished project cleared

In the museum-shop I found this postcard, it waits for beeing tiles some day. the day is today.

I recovered the cream paint from this sink, it was hard work, but I like it and I like the result.
this cabinet came with the 1930-house and without a door, so it is hard for me to find a good use for it, but in this scene it works I think. Again a mix of styles, perhaps there are a few young people living together here...

this was an orange Bodo-Hennig-chair and I don't like orange so much - except combined with turquoise.

the lilac chair came with the modella kitchen in a very ugly green, in this lilac I like it more and it looks more like a wooden chair than like a plastic. The turquoise chair is Modella too. Because I have 5 red-white chairs allready and because the new ones was very dirty, I painted them too.
The Bodo-Hennig Shelve has the same color as the chair.

the wooden chair (1930 house, painted red and white before) was a hard work too, but I like the result.