Sonntag, 22. November 2009

a wonder

IMG_2453, ursprünglich hochgeladen von pinchofpepper

I can't explain how impressed I am:
look at this massage-bench - it is ready!!!!
I will have it in my wellness-space in a few days - may the uk-post help!
I am so pleased, isn't it wonderful? I have never seen such a miniature before, and it is mine, mine mine!!!!

"my" bedroom

It is not my desire to have a bedroom with pink hearts on the wallpaper - but I have no idea how to change the walls. and perhaps I need a childrens room one day, who knows. So I tried to make a bedroom with pink hearts:

and this is the whole house I would like to live in, but I need a stair and hope to get some lego-bricks soon to make it.

sunday morning before sunrise