Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Brandy Playter

Doreen ( introduced her new dog Brandy as a Maltese and now she found out, that Brandy is no Maltese, but a Shinh tzu. I googled about Shinh tzu and found out, that it will have very long hair as a grown-up and I realized, that I had such a dog in my pets-collection as well as a white Maltese.
This coincident makes me (smile and) think of a nice way to present the two and I decided to show you a current german womens-lifestyle-magazin that shows christmas-presents in a wonderful decoration: with a lot of dollhouse-minis in the modern style.
I think you all should see this. Have fun!

When I wanted to go to bed...

... last night my view catched the daylight lamp on my windowsill and I checked out, how fotographs by night will turn out with it. So I put a few things together: One of my first fimo-creations was the sewing-machine-rack. In the seventies nearly every young girl had such a rack as a table - but nobody wanted to sew. So I didn't care that I had no matching sewing-machine, but with a swap I got one and so the sewing-room is nearly ready. In most german houses there is often not enough space for a sewing-room and a room for the grandchildren staying over night. So I decided to put the Barbie-bed, that come back to me with my dolls, beside the sewing-scene. And then I sleeped very well!