Dienstag, 23. März 2010

Update of grandmothers flat and plastic-flowers

Some of my scenes exists only a very short time - I make my fotos for the blog and then destroy them. Some scenes may stay for a few days, untill I want to build another scene in the same room. But some scenes stay for a very long time, so this one of my grandmothers appartement. So I looked at it every day and sometime I thought, that my grandma had no piano, but a sewing machine. And I took my sewing machine and some more accesoires and replaced some pieces, put the vintage lamp in - now I love this room more than before - for me it is more authentic now. The picture frame above the sofa is a little bit too small, but nothing is perfect.

A little bit of spring arrived in germany, I got some plastic flower out of the basement, that I use every year in the time before I get the summer flowers on the balcony. I realized, that the orange ones are in exactly the same colour than some flowers petitenouveau sent me in a swap - have a look: