Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

warm and cosy

Recently I saw one of these new ethanol-firesides you can use in a room without a real fireplace. I have to say that I like it. I made a scene including such an "ethanol fireside" in my estetisk box that has an opening in the ceiling to have time to make a warm and cosy scene, matching to my knitting-work on this cold evenings.
then it seems a bit too cosy and warm to me, a bit oldfashioned and I picked a few items that look more "flower-powerish".

For all of you that are interested: the first - biggest - blanket is with my wool for socks and german needlesize 2,5
The second is with crochet-yarn 1 - 1,25 and needles I made by myself (don't ask).
The third piece is the pillow you see in the first scene and the very gifted maggimini sent me the needles size 1 and the matching yarn, so thin like sewing-yarn. thank you, maggi! the more I knit the better it works even with the thin yarn.

rain and snow and rain and snow

Update: The sun said hello for a short while and I played around.....

In the last days the weather was really bad. After the snow comes the rain and after the rain the snow. So I was very happy, that on this saturday morning everything outside was white. I want to show you again the view of my window into the white "landscape". I never used the Eichhorn-house in this way, I had to put it on a small pillar (for flowerpots I think). There is a foto you can see it all on my windowsill.
I made a room for a single again, with bed and desk - sometimes I would like to have two rooms, one for a desk, one for a bed. On this bed you can see my second knitted blanket, it's more fun than the needlework-pillows, because it is finished in a rather short time.

Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010


here are some fotographs I took in the last days when I was tired and wanted to relax.....

rocking horse

Beafordolls sent me this nice rocking horse (and other things:-) yesterday.

Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

nothing new

Most of my scenes shows at least one new piece I bought. This is inspiring to use the furniture I have allready in a new way for me. But I want to stop buying new things for a while (and if possible - the Bozart-furniture doesn't belong to this decision) and so yesterday in the evening I tried to make a scene only with furniture and decoration items that are in my collection allready.
I played with the light and made some fotos of the scene this morning.

daylight in the morning

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

More from Annina (and from India)

Today I actually only want to show you one of the goodies Annina sent me with the chairs: A game I do not know till now.
But i like to put it on the tiny table and immediatly was in my childhood - all the men in my family love to play games. on every birthday-party they played "Skat" on a table in the bedroom, that was put into the bedroom only for this day. My grandfather was smoking his cigar, they all drank a lot of bear and "Schnaps", but they was able to count for the game the whole time.

But of course there was no modern designer furniture like this in my grandparents flat ;-)

PS: The postcard on the wall arrived this week from india, where friends of mine (the man born in india) with their small children stay for the winter....

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010

the german curator

dear callsmall, I hope you see it as a compliment, that I was so impressed and inspired of your curator-scene/idea and made one too. I don't know why I haven't used a pillar in my scenes before, but now there is one.
annina's packet with the bozart furniture arrived today, and a few sweet adds - thank you so annina!
this is a way "my" curator lives:

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

A sailor's room ?

I'm not sure if a sailor would like to live like this, I think these stuff is more for tourists of the sea or marine-lovers. But I don't know. Does anyone knows a sailor?

while organizing my postcards (look at my flickr-folder "living with a dollshouse") I found this sailing-boats and had the idea to make a sailors room. the room in the lundby-house with the stairs is allways a bit hard for me to furnish, so I was glad to found all the pieces makes a harmony in this room.
If you are curios about the light: I used two little pocket lamps that are meant to help you find the doorlock of your car. I put adhesive tape around, because you have to push when you want light and then I glued it with "bluetack" that is white in germany. I do not know how to make fotos without this plasticine.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

living with dollshouses

I'm not finished with the new furniture in my room, but it looks much better than before and I have enough space for all my roomboxes and the two houses.

see more on my flickr.

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

bad girl

I often speak about the fact, that in my office nobody tells us we work good, but every single mistake is never forgotten to be mentioned.
Today was a day I felt that I only did everything wrong. Nobody noticed it and I corrected everything (I hope), but it was very frustrating for me.
Allthough I purchased Anninas K-House-furniture and planned to be a good girl and buy nothing more this month I MUST go to the railway-shop today, because I want to do something against my frustration. I knew there was a little trailer I would like to buy. After picking the trailer I had a short look at the N-scale houses - I bought a few of them in the last weeks - and look what I found: a wonderful church!
I think you'll agree that I have to take it, mmh?

WOW now I'm totally relaxed

Montag, 11. Januar 2010

grau in grau

Everything is grey in my town, no sunshine, no colour. This is not the grey I love.
I remember a time in my life, when everyone has a wall-to-wall-carpeting. It is no more modern and most people have wooden floors, but in this cold days I think it would be nice to be in a room with only carpet on the floor.
The other thing in this scene that has to do with former times is the flat-tv on the wall. When I first saw such a tv many many years ago (for about 12.000 €)I decided, that I MUST have such a screen one day far in the future. The reason is, that I never liked the tv-player in my living room, sometimes I even put a cloth over it. But this flat thing on the wall is okay. Last week I got this flat-tv from my daughter and her bf, because they got a bigger one. Now I am so happy to watch tv without my glasses!

The clock - I think everyone has this clock - is a gift from Carol, she noticed, that I hasn't this clock. The reason is, that I planned to make it one day - but now I can use it without crafting. Thanks again Carol!

Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010


Update 11.01.10:
I found this real lighthouse-fotos in the internet while searching "living in a lighthouse". If you scroll down in this link, you can see more pics of the interior with designer-furniture. I love it.

Finished Interior, ursprünglich hochgeladen von alamo square

this is a great idea for people like me who have not enough space: while thinking about the "how" of putting my new shelves into my room I had the vision of a tower for room, that is high and uses less room on the bottom. I saw a wonderful lighthouse in the beginning of my small interest, but I didn't found the same, but this one on flickr.
and: I found that it is a kit I could buy and try to build of my own, the price is okay I think. It would fit wonderful in the corner of my room beside the window. I would try to make bigger windows or a conservatory -we will see.
here is the link to the company in germany which sells this "greenleaf"-product.

Samstag, 9. Januar 2010

Only a little scene for resting

Inmitten meines Umräum-Chaos wollte ich doch ein paar Sachen zeigen, u. a. die Geschenke von Carol wie das hölzerne Sofa und die tönerne Sonne an der Wand. Weitere Sachen von ihr zeige ich später.
Leider ging ein Likörglas kaputt, aber nun habe ich einen tollen Ständer für einen Tisch, ein Teil eines Kugelschreibers aus dem Büro ist auch dabei. Aus dem Büro ist ebenfalls das Mousepad und die Weihnachtskarte an der Wand. Die Messingsachen auf dem Tisch habe ich am Hamburger Hafen gekauft, ebenso den kleinen Leuchtturm. Die beiden Elefanten sind aus dem Oxfam-Shop, wo ich schon einige schöne Sachen gefunden habe, allerdings nicht so billig wie in dem Trödelladen, den ich vorher hatte.

Google-Translation - because I am so tired ;-)
In the midst of my chaos moving furniture but I wanted to show a few things, including the gifts of Carol as the wooden sofa and the clay sun on the wall. Other things I'll show her later.
Unfortunately, a liqueur glass broke, but now I have a great stand for a table, a part of a pen from the office is also there. From the office is also the mouse pad and the Christmas card to the wall. The brass things on the table I bought at the port of Hamburg, just the little lighthouse. The two elephants are from the Oxfam shop, where I've found some nice things, but not as cheap as in the junk shop, which I had before.