Freitag, 2. April 2010

three days off

I found a little turtle in the charity-shop (which is on my way home from work) some days ago and totally forgot it in my bag.
This is typical for me, because I have to think of so many other things than my miniatures in the last weeks.
I enjoy this way of life very much.
To all my new followers and to the blogowners who's blogs I like to follow: I have look at all your new posts and pictures and even try to read the english text, but there is often no time to comment. Be sure I notice your progress, your success and the new things you buy, even your dailylife-sorrows.
I'm offline the holidays, visiting friends. At one of my last visits there I "bought" some stuff I found in the toys-box - like this little rabbit on the table, I painted it white.
So you can be curious what they want to sell this time!
I was looking for some Easter-decoration for this post, but I only found a kinder-egg. The watercolor on the wall is by me.
Lovely holidays to all of you who enjoy the resurrection of HIM!