Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Winter farewell

I saw the green of the first snowdrops today, very small, very delicate. Usually they are nearly faded in the middle of February. I found a few things on my way to the rubbish bin and made an arrangement with it. The last wave of the winter - I hope so.


After three weeks odyssey from one doctor to another, from one examination to the other, a lot of stress and hope and frustration and hope again, I finally got my medicine, even if it is in an off-label-use and I have to pay it.
I feel totally good with it, I can hear everything I want and nothing else that could disturbe me. Now I'm eager to try it in my office and will go back to my job tomorrow.
I felt so relaxed after my last visit (for now) at the doctors - perhaps that was the reason that I discovered a very small shop for antiques I didn't know before. Oh, it was so small in it and so crowded, and the owner smoked the whole time and all the things smell like this. But it was fun, and I found this:
When you compare it to the 1:12 Miele washing machine you can see, that it is not good for a use in my dollshomes, but I felt I MUST have it. Perhaps I can sell it after a while for a good price?
I made a scene with Fran as an antiques-lover, and you can see that I found another flask cork (glass) which can be a flask for Fran or a lamp for my dollhouse.
But it is really a pity, that Fran cannot sit in another way like this:
So sad for her - and for me, I'm so limited through this. Hope you enjoy though!