Sonntag, 11. April 2010


As Doreen allready said, it is possible to make a tiny attic-room in the greenhouses roof. Yesterday I couldn't stop with this house, I was even too busy decorating it to go outside as I planned!
uh oh, how addictive is this!
I learned a bit about the angle to fotograph through the plexiglas, but I think there is some more expierience needed. I'm very glad that during the last year some 1:24 furniture come along my collection, because even the lundby-scale items are too big for the attic.

Bild hinzufügen
This is the second version.
There is so less space that I had the idea to open the roof. Now there is a kind of roof-terrace.

I realized, that all this very small furniture was sent to me as a gift from Moretoview and Pinchofpepper. Some bits was part of a swap with Callsmall and some are playmobil.

It's nice that the blue bag and the micro-giraffes fits in every scale.