Mittwoch, 24. März 2010


My first book is published!
I'm so proud!!!

haha.... kidding!

Last weekend I had a long phonecall with an old friend of mine, who lives in lower-saxony (near püppilottchen). I haven't seen her for years. She has got a computer and internet meanwhile, but she doesn't like and so her husband. They are both about more than 70 years old.
I wanted to show her my minis online, but she said: "My treasure, I love to read books or to look into a book with nice pictures, but don't force me to use the computer"

Okay, I really wanted her to see my fotographs and so I ordered this book online. You can make the layout with the software or online and a few days later it is in your mailbox. Mine arrived today and it really looks so good, that I want to show it to you lovely bloggers, before I put it into a parcel to my friend Monika.