Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

music I hear meanwhile setting this scenes: Michael Jackson

Schon wieder Trödel - rummage once again

Today I visited the rummage-shop and found these stuff:
I took the railway-house for the stairs only, but later I thought, it would be a nice dollsdollshouse too.

In my tv-magazine there is an art every week and this week I was lucky to have "seven a.m" from Edward Hopper. I like this picture very much, but in fact it doesn't look perfect in this scene.

The red carpet was hard to clean. On the shelf you see the closures of my mini-perfumbottles
and the agate disk I bought on the market today.

The house without the stairs look like an old collector house.

Meanwhile in the neglected kitchen and bedroom.

And here a nice light-play.