Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

new fabric with transfer paper

Before Pubdoll sent me some wonderful fabrics with small patterns I allways searched for fabrics with modern and small patterns, this was hard.
A workmate has a bag in a fabric I like and I ask her to take a fotograph of this bag. Then I resized it, put pretty much of this beside in a word dokument and printed it on a transfer-paper, afterwards I took my iron and ironed it onto a light fabric. I'm quite happy with the result about the colours, but it is so very inflexible and has no cosy outlook. But I think on the foto it is okay.
By the way, I'm searching for two bedstands for this bed and wasn't successful yet. I have two cream-jars, they work, sometimes I take a chair, but the most bedstands are too big and I didn't found any lundby-sized I like. If anyone has an idea or a link to a good find - you're welcome :-)

I stole the idea with the painting from a person I met on the fair I visited in spring. Today I tried it and it is true: the paintings look more real printed/ironed on cloth.

Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

There's a light

for ARU this time. Thank you Aru, for beeing my new follower. The time for the real blossoms is nearly over, the time for candles just begins. There is a dark corner in my dollshouse and I had no lamp for this part of my flat, so I used candles for the first time to enlighten it, and I think I will do it some more times.
Hope you enjoy beeing here!


Next sunday I'll go to the big flea-market in our park - the last in this year. But this time not to search for minis, but I wanted to sell them.
It is my first time and I'm very excited and wondering, how it works. My daughter will come with me, we both hope the wonderful autumn-wether will stay until then.
Here I show you a few impressions of my great cleaning and storage-work of this morning. Becuase I am allways very curious about how other people store their minis I think some of you will be interested in.

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

cookie cutter

I met my doctor today, I'll be able to go to the office next monday, the scar looks better from day to day and I feel better than a week before. It was a wonderful sunny autumn day and I had a little walk to the underground and I found a nice cookie cutter. Have you found it?

thank you very much, mr. postman

I actually wanted only this nightstands for my lundby-house as dressers. but the matching bed and wardrobe were so cheap, that I took them all together.

Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Welcome to my new followers!

Lindsey and Casita Minis, I enjoy having you here and hope you have fun and relax......

Like a Vero...

A railway-model-house, which was a shop for fotos and cameras before - I found a pic online.
Inside of this houses is allways cardboard/paper, printed with drapes and shopwindow-items etc. I put this all away to have a free sight through the house. My used version has no signs like this on the foto. When it was naked I thought it looked a little bit like the Vero-houses and so I painted the grey part like them.

I'll be the one with the most dollshouses soon :-P

I was in the railway-model-shop and I really found all of my internet-research. The nice modern house sadly was too big, 19 cm one side, the containers was perfect in the size for a minidollshouse even in the lundby-house, but .... they was expensive, I'd have to build it with glue and they do not look so paris-renfroeish as I hoped in reallife. Perhaps I will purchase them next month. Today I took three houses allready built up, used and very cheap. Two of them you can see in this scene, I like the green one most, it is an old house for train-dispatchers.

the fotograph on the wall is an artwork from Michael Paul Smith. I met him on flickr and he allowed me to take his wonderful art of modelling on my dollshouse-walls.

The housewife is very tired from cleaning the house, because monday is the day, when the cleaning woman comes *ggg*

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

the good friend

What a good friend a camera can be!
Even the ugliest things can be pretty in the right light and angle. So I tried to make some pics of the cubes-house and some other of my minis are displayed in this room.

how do you like this dollshouses?

I found all these lovely "houses" on this site for railway-models. look here.
Some will not be in the right scale, but I try to get some of these. After working on my art-deco and cubes-dollshouses in 1:144 I am frustrated.

very slow progress with my dollshouses

This house (ebay uk) inspired me to make a mini-version of it, because there is no thouht of purchasing such houses in its real size for me - sigh. As I told you, I was not very happy with the result of my first shot. Because I had no red paint, I tried to use tape, but that doesn't look good on a close view. And I realized: my workroom for minis was very messy and to small.

I promised to show more pics of the house and here they are with the tape. There was another synchronizity, because in the next morning I saw a tv-report about TAPE-ART!
I've never heard about that before.

I bought some red color and these stuff, hoping the second shot would be better.
but I am not content with the 2. result, too.
The boxes for toothpicks - very cheap, so I bought a lot - inspired me to make another house - so that the unfinished projekts grew to more and more.....;-)

I'm not sure if I'll be in the mood for working on this projects in the next time - but let's see what happens.