Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

some special days

do you know such special days with so many different things that happen? and then you come back and there are two packets in the mail?
Yesterday I found the stag (or deer? is there a difference?) and the frame. I think there would be perhaps a person who'd love to have these finds in a room she/he lives in. Everything is possible, you can imagine!
Today I've got the sweet apple-notebook, and finally the little Re-ment house and many more Re-ment bits in the mail! Thanks to Carol you wanted me to have a treat like this and thanks to Callsmall who sent the packet to me. A 3-person-swap!

Sonntag, 28. März 2010

The dentist

In the shop where I found the little hello kitty figures, I took a few very dirty items that was in a box with playmobil-items. okay, playmobil is too small, but I thought it could be a good furniture for a hairsalon and so I bought them and had a better look at it later. I noticed that it was a dentist surgery and so I tried to make one.

Samstag, 27. März 2010

The visit of grandchildren

Yesterday I had a nice dvd-evening with a friend. We watched "The Nanny Diaries" and had a lot of fun. Before I found a few things in a charity-shop and used-toy-shop and she helped me to get the easter decoration out of the basket I had in mind as a basket for newspapers. It wasn't easy to get it off indeed! I would have destroyed it, if I'd tried it.
I finally found a needlepoint-work in a wooden frame, that I was looking for in the last month, I wanted to use it as a carpet and this one is perfect. I also found the mask on the wall, the grammophone, a necklace with the beads (vases) and some very tiny hello-kittys.

Because I don't want to make a nursery I decided to show you the tidy room of grandparents during the visit of their grandchildrens: The alcohol is banned from the table, something to eat and books everywhere and the toys on the carpet.
They hope the wonderful new carpet will stay clean.....

Freitag, 26. März 2010

okay, this is the last

Update: the things I used in a vine-box I got for nothing in a big store.


Update: the things I used. (forgot the cork-blog, I showed the eggholdre allready)


Update: the items I used (I forgot the white table, it's a small bowl for dessert)

Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

what's the big idea?

guess, what's the special thing about this scene?

Update: the items I used:

Mittwoch, 24. März 2010


My first book is published!
I'm so proud!!!

haha.... kidding!

Last weekend I had a long phonecall with an old friend of mine, who lives in lower-saxony (near püppilottchen). I haven't seen her for years. She has got a computer and internet meanwhile, but she doesn't like and so her husband. They are both about more than 70 years old.
I wanted to show her my minis online, but she said: "My treasure, I love to read books or to look into a book with nice pictures, but don't force me to use the computer"

Okay, I really wanted her to see my fotographs and so I ordered this book online. You can make the layout with the software or online and a few days later it is in your mailbox. Mine arrived today and it really looks so good, that I want to show it to you lovely bloggers, before I put it into a parcel to my friend Monika.

Dienstag, 23. März 2010

Update of grandmothers flat and plastic-flowers

Some of my scenes exists only a very short time - I make my fotos for the blog and then destroy them. Some scenes may stay for a few days, untill I want to build another scene in the same room. But some scenes stay for a very long time, so this one of my grandmothers appartement. So I looked at it every day and sometime I thought, that my grandma had no piano, but a sewing machine. And I took my sewing machine and some more accesoires and replaced some pieces, put the vintage lamp in - now I love this room more than before - for me it is more authentic now. The picture frame above the sofa is a little bit too small, but nothing is perfect.

A little bit of spring arrived in germany, I got some plastic flower out of the basement, that I use every year in the time before I get the summer flowers on the balcony. I realized, that the orange ones are in exactly the same colour than some flowers petitenouveau sent me in a swap - have a look:

Sonntag, 21. März 2010

Thank you!

Update: Sorry that I'm so bad with the credits. I found the magazine in the bin and found out, that it was John William Waterhouse who made this painting, it shows Cleopatra.

I want to say thank you all for your caring and good wishes.

Last night I wasn't tired and took this picture I found in a magazin last week. I thought it could be a good kind of wallpaper, but there was no idea how.

I want to show the opposite of the warm wood and the cold metal in this scene. For me it goes together very good.

I'm not so good in history, is it a guardian angel on that painting? For me it is and helps me through the roughness of life - like you.

A warm welcome to all my new followers who visited and subscribed my blog in the last weeks. I'm sorry that I'm no more able to welcome each of you with flowers like in the beginning of my blogging. Take the next flower you see and like as my greetings!

Samstag, 20. März 2010

my health - my work - my life

This is for all of you who ask and care:

I'm not physically sick, but have been diagnosed with a disorder I've had my entire life. I was prescriped a medication; the symptoms of the disorder are mostly gone, but now I need to learn to deal with my feelings and sensations in a new way and unlearn all the coping strategies I've applied before that are not helpful anymore.

My colleagues and bosses can't or don't want to support me at work by providing a healthier surrounding for me so it's very hard for me to continue working there. They don't understand that with this new medication, suddenly my problems are very different from those I had before. It is indeed hard to understand, even for me. I have accepted the full-time position only because the alternative was being unemployed - my employer refused to let me work part time. I'll have to see how I'll be getting along now, after all, I'm able to filter sounds better now, concentrate more easily and not let every little thing - a phone ringing, a pencil dropping - bother me. Also, I'm not as exhausted after work as I used to be because it doesn't take so much strength to concentrate now. What I'm experiencing and feeling now isn't always easy, but it makes so much sense and feels right - it's good to finally know what is really wrong with me, and not be falsely diagnosed with depression or burn-out. I may go to a special clinic and learn my way around my new world. I might also find another job again, who knows?

(Excellent translation by: katimus. Isn't it good to have a daughter like this who really understands what's up with me? or to me? or about me? or over me? Oh I hate ...)

I noticed the tic-tac boxes with my mini-eyes yesterday and made some sidetables!

Freitag, 19. März 2010

Guter Geschmack - good taste !?!

Heute musste ich an meine Oma denken und ihre Wohnung. Ich weiß nicht, ob sie einen guten Geschmack hatte. Es sah bei ihr eben so aus, wie es aussah.

Today I had to think about my grandmother and her apartment. I do not know whether she had good taste. It looked at her just from the way it looked.

Als junge Frau war sie jedenfalls eitel und hat auf sich geachtet, wie dies Foto von ihr von ca. 1924 zeigt.

As a young woman she was vain and has certainly paid attention to itself, as shown in photo of her around 1924

Das Bild mit dem röhrenden Hirsch über dem Sofa habe ich noch gut in Erinnerung. Ich hatte als kleines Kind große Angst, dass es mir beim Toben auf den Kopf fallen könnte. Und es war auch sonst sehr beeindruckend für mich. Der röhrende Hirsch ist eines der deutschesten Dinge die ich kenne.

The painting with the stag above the sofa, I have still fresh in memory. I was scared as a little kid that it might fall dow to my head, when I uproar on the sofa. And it was otherwise very impressive for me. The roaring stag is one of the most German of things that I know.

Meine Oma hatte keine Katze, aber einen Wellensittich namens Peter.

My Grandma had no cat, but a budgie named Peter

Besonders das rote Kissen erinnert mich sehr an meine Oma. Ein Klavier hatte sie auch nicht, aber dass es eine Zur-Erinnerung-an-Oma-Szene wird, hat sich erst entwickelt.

Especially the red pillow reminds me of my grandma. She didn't have a piano, either, but this developed into a grandma-remembrance-scene rather than start out as such.

Ich denke mal, jedes Kind liebt die Wohnung seiner Oma, egal ob sie nun vollgestellt ist mit Erinnerungen oder sauber und ordentlich oder ein Naturparadies.

I guess every child loves the apartment or house of his grandparents, whether it is crowded with memories or clean and tidy or a natural paradise.