Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009


Today I want to do what I planned for a long time. Some of us like the awards, but some of us do not like the chain-letter-system coming with the awards. I am not a fan of following the rules too. But Rebecca gave me an award a few weeks ago I apprechiate very much: My award

I have done all my housework yesterday together with my daughter (and afterwards we had italian pasta and pizza), so today there is time for paying forward this award. Because I am no more a big reader, but love films, I want to tell you something of my favourite films with this award-thing.

First person is the incredible Pubdoll. I was looking for a film with fantasy as in her stories about the dolls, with witty speech, with love for the work and unexpected outcome. So it wasnt hard to find such a film, and I love it very much:
Ein Fisch namens Wanda

(sorry that I do not post any pictures, I know, such a post is not so interesting, but I'm not sure what is allowed and what not).

Second is Callsmall. I love not only her blog with pictures of furniture I like - we have the same taste indeed -, I especially love the stories of her childhood in NY, of her family affairs, and... this is the name of the tv-series I chosed for her:
Family Affair

(and sorry that I do not link the winners of the awards, I think you all have a bookmark to their blogs)

Doreen is one of my first followers and she is such a kind and friendly person. I enjoy watching her post that shows her skills in making furniture with her own hands, but I like to see the wonderful landscape she lives in. That reminds me of a film I also like so much, not only because of the wonderful actors, but there is such a nice landscape and lake:
On Golden Pond

The wonderful Rebecca. There was no second of hesitating which film is for her. I absolutely adore this film, but I'm afraid it is only available in german language. This film is about a journey of a former ddr couple and her daughter to Rom. The husband has a book of Goethe and reads what Goethe wrote on his own journey to Rom in some parts of the film/journey. It is a very funny film, but never silly because of the wonderful actors and the Goethe-parts. I would love you could see this film, Rebecca. I know you would love like me:
Go Trabi Go

Next is Petitenouveau! Oh, I miss her posts and hope she is well. A lot of work to do, Christy? I cannot say exactly, what is the reason for selecting this film, but it was the first that came to my mind and there was no doubt. I love your outlook and so I love this film, enjoy!
Sweet home alabama

I often told Annina, that her pictures reminds me of a Hitchcock-movie. There is some tension it in, I cannot explain, but it is a very strong feeling and strikes me all the time I look at her artwork-fotos. So my favourite Hitchcock-film is:
Die Vögel

Püppilottchen - für Dich einen Film zu finden, fiel mir etwas schwer. Ich glaube, es gibt bestimmt einen, der dich charakterisiert, aber ob ich ihn zu meinen Lieblingsfilmen zählen würde? Du bist in vielem so sehr das Gegenteil von mir - wohl deshalb mag ich dich so und schätze Deine Emotionen. So habe ich einen Film ausgesucht, der voller Emotionen ist und noch dazu mit meinem Lieblingsschaupieler Kevin Spacey. Hier, der Award-Film für dich:
Pay it forward

One of my favourite films since the 70s, when I watched it with my husband, is the film I want to give to Modern MC. It is /she is classic - no more is to say.
Star Wars

Allthough she isn't at this stage in the moment, I want to include Altera. I love her style and I miss her. Hope she will read this at least. I'm a fan of the sixties style and there is no film I have seen so often as this one (because it is repeatet shown in tv again and again):
Pillow Talk

The last award goes to a lady I got to know not long ago. I like her style and I like her ideology, she shows a bit of it in her wonderful blog. So a film for the heart and for the people who believes, that there is just more (so do I). Please visit Lizes blog! Her film is:
As it is in heaven

I hope you all had fun reading this award-list and I hope you are not sad if you are not mentioned. I read many more blogs and there is something I apprechiate in every blog. I want to thank you all for the connection and the love i feel behind fotos and words.