Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

modella kitchen

the nice red table was the reason for me to bid on this vintage-furniture. I love it, allthough it is not such glossy as I expected. on this picture you can see a few items I swapped with corset kitten from flickr - all the pink items and the wonderful candleholders.

the chairs are not so pretty, but I have 5 other red chairs that matches with this table.

I really like the fact that my theo-kline-kitchen pieces are 100% fitting to this size of kitchen. there are ugly areas too, but I can hide it.

the brand "modella" on the door of the fridge.

yellow bathroom

I won this furniture on ebay ...

... and I was - for the first time - disappointed about the condition.
the seller promised me to pay back a part of the price, so I'm content with the deal,

... especially because the items look very good on pics, you cannot see that the white is cream and the other "mistakes". it's vintage!

(I was in a hospital for a few days, they took away my thyroid, but now everything is okay and I have a little resting time, so I can make a few scenes with my new items and build a few things between sleeping and getting well.)