Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

50 people all around the world

clicked "follow these blog" and I am very pleased to have so many followers now. The last three was Chinita Bonita, Alison and Miniaturista. It's an honor for me. thank you all for your nice comments or qiet watching, you're welcome in any case.
men's faith is the translation for this summer-flower, that enjoy the warm and sunny days in autumn. I picked them for you all and have a lot of fun making still-life pictures. here are some of the pics I made for having enough to chose the one I like for your welcome-post.
thanks again!

for meetings and after-lunch-sleep

I'm not sure if it was a good idea to paint these little red chairs. I had to cover it again and again and the result is not so good.
Inspired by Callsmalls last scene I wanted to make a workspace I would apprechiate. I would like to have a room for myself, but for the meetings and a little sleep in the lunchbreak this room would be perfect! we have sofas in our office too, but nobody do use it. I like the blue-white-wood colorsheme, it's just as calm as I need for making a good job.