Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

new fabric with transfer paper

Before Pubdoll sent me some wonderful fabrics with small patterns I allways searched for fabrics with modern and small patterns, this was hard.
A workmate has a bag in a fabric I like and I ask her to take a fotograph of this bag. Then I resized it, put pretty much of this beside in a word dokument and printed it on a transfer-paper, afterwards I took my iron and ironed it onto a light fabric. I'm quite happy with the result about the colours, but it is so very inflexible and has no cosy outlook. But I think on the foto it is okay.
By the way, I'm searching for two bedstands for this bed and wasn't successful yet. I have two cream-jars, they work, sometimes I take a chair, but the most bedstands are too big and I didn't found any lundby-sized I like. If anyone has an idea or a link to a good find - you're welcome :-)

I stole the idea with the painting from a person I met on the fair I visited in spring. Today I tried it and it is true: the paintings look more real printed/ironed on cloth.