Sonntag, 11. September 2011


 This is what I found on the fleamarket today: Some glasses, because I broke some of my wine-glasses, a lamp for the alpine hut, a kanu-boat and a balance tower - you all know that I can use the wooden bricks in many ways - don't know the name of that doll that is more agile than Fran and a polly-pocket set. This earrings seems very nice to me.


Yesterday was such a beautiful weather and I took my shoerack-house to the park. I readbefore that there was a beach newborn behind a restaurant and I wanted to make fotos to let it look like a beachhouse. But there was no beach, no sand, only in the playground - and there were so many children. Too many to make fotos.

So I made only this fotos. Hope to find a beach or a lot of sand soon.
Have a nice sunday! Today is our fleamarket again, I'll have look and hope to find some Playmobil-treasures.