Dienstag, 6. September 2011


I had a wonderful week with friends in a beautiful valley in the "Pfälzer Wald". I lived in a community there 25 years ago and it was so very nice to see some of the people I lived with once again after this long time. This shot was made at my birthday, I got these purple cup (katimus, don't be envious :-) and some other nice gifts. More fotos to come.
I have to admit that I had Fran with me, but didn't work on a new outfit for her (as I planned) and didn't make any hot fotographs of her. Sorry that I'm not in minis at the moment, I kind of daydreamed the whole day ...

 The house we lived in 1986 is called "Das blaue Haus" means "the blue house". I promised my children (born 81 and 83) to make a lot of photos to find out, wether they got memories of it or not. Nearly nothing has changed. Unbelievable for me, who moved about 20 times in this years, that there is a place like in the 80s!