Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Brandy Playter

Doreen ( introduced her new dog Brandy as a Maltese and now she found out, that Brandy is no Maltese, but a Shinh tzu. I googled about Shinh tzu and found out, that it will have very long hair as a grown-up and I realized, that I had such a dog in my pets-collection as well as a white Maltese.
This coincident makes me (smile and) think of a nice way to present the two and I decided to show you a current german womens-lifestyle-magazin that shows christmas-presents in a wonderful decoration: with a lot of dollhouse-minis in the modern style.
I think you all should see this. Have fun!

When I wanted to go to bed...

... last night my view catched the daylight lamp on my windowsill and I checked out, how fotographs by night will turn out with it. So I put a few things together: One of my first fimo-creations was the sewing-machine-rack. In the seventies nearly every young girl had such a rack as a table - but nobody wanted to sew. So I didn't care that I had no matching sewing-machine, but with a swap I got one and so the sewing-room is nearly ready. In most german houses there is often not enough space for a sewing-room and a room for the grandchildren staying over night. So I decided to put the Barbie-bed, that come back to me with my dolls, beside the sewing-scene. And then I sleeped very well!

Samstag, 28. November 2009

more from maggi

Here are some pics maggi sent me. Believe it or not: the first pic (little house) shows a 1:144 work, selfmade by maggi. I'm impressed.

Freitag, 27. November 2009

this is not mine

Maggi watches my blog and is interested, because she has miniatures and collected and loves them for many years. She is a great miniature-worker too. But she has no blog, instead showed me some of her pics via email. This foto is worth to be shown to the world, what do you think?

Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

Introducing Midge

I want to introduce Midge. Inspired by so pretty fashion-doll-fotographs I found between the miniature-pics on flickr I startet to make fotos of my fashion dolls. They was with my niece a few month but now she gave them back to me, because she didn't like to play with.
If you are interested, I will show the Midge and Barbie pics on flickr.

New followers

In the beginning of my blog I used to make a flower arrangement with real flowers for each new follower, it was fun to make it for me. But meanwhile there are so many new followers and not everybody has an own blog or a profile-foto, so I lost the overview, who is really new.
This is the time we can see a lot of annual reviews in tv and so I take the chance and say hello and welcome to my new followers and everybody with a review.
Here are my real-blossoms-pictures of the year 2009!

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Emil Nolde

In the 80s after my divorce I had my watercolor-period. Every evening, when my children were in their beds, I tried to copy famous pictures I like. This one hanging on the wall (in my dollhouse-period) is inspired by Emil Nolde.
Allthough it is not good behaviour I must say, that I love this painting and I am sad, that I gave it away. But I'm lucky to have a professional fotograph of it.


I received an award from aru
Thank you very much - I'm honored and I love the connection with you and other wonderful bloggers!

Sonntag, 22. November 2009

a wonder

IMG_2453, ursprünglich hochgeladen von pinchofpepper

I can't explain how impressed I am:
look at this massage-bench - it is ready!!!!
I will have it in my wellness-space in a few days - may the uk-post help!
I am so pleased, isn't it wonderful? I have never seen such a miniature before, and it is mine, mine mine!!!!

"my" bedroom

It is not my desire to have a bedroom with pink hearts on the wallpaper - but I have no idea how to change the walls. and perhaps I need a childrens room one day, who knows. So I tried to make a bedroom with pink hearts:

and this is the whole house I would like to live in, but I need a stair and hope to get some lego-bricks soon to make it.

sunday morning before sunrise

Samstag, 21. November 2009


Mealwhile it looks like this in my big room:

Now I am happy to have enough space for a room which is only for wellness: yoga and meditation, massage and dancing or just laying on the floor and dream.

but... laying on the floor - if for dreaming or a massage - was good in my younger years, but for a lady over 50 years it is better to have a massage-bench like this:

and jipphiehyeah! pinchofpepper (a flickr-contact) is going to make such a bench for my new wellness-space! I am so pleased.