Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Welcome to my new followers!

Lindsey and Casita Minis, I enjoy having you here and hope you have fun and relax......

Like a Vero...

A railway-model-house, which was a shop for fotos and cameras before - I found a pic online.
Inside of this houses is allways cardboard/paper, printed with drapes and shopwindow-items etc. I put this all away to have a free sight through the house. My used version has no signs like this on the foto. When it was naked I thought it looked a little bit like the Vero-houses and so I painted the grey part like them.

I'll be the one with the most dollshouses soon :-P

I was in the railway-model-shop and I really found all of my internet-research. The nice modern house sadly was too big, 19 cm one side, the containers was perfect in the size for a minidollshouse even in the lundby-house, but .... they was expensive, I'd have to build it with glue and they do not look so paris-renfroeish as I hoped in reallife. Perhaps I will purchase them next month. Today I took three houses allready built up, used and very cheap. Two of them you can see in this scene, I like the green one most, it is an old house for train-dispatchers.

the fotograph on the wall is an artwork from Michael Paul Smith. I met him on flickr and he allowed me to take his wonderful art of modelling on my dollshouse-walls.

The housewife is very tired from cleaning the house, because monday is the day, when the cleaning woman comes *ggg*