Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

bad girl

I often speak about the fact, that in my office nobody tells us we work good, but every single mistake is never forgotten to be mentioned.
Today was a day I felt that I only did everything wrong. Nobody noticed it and I corrected everything (I hope), but it was very frustrating for me.
Allthough I purchased Anninas K-House-furniture and planned to be a good girl and buy nothing more this month I MUST go to the railway-shop today, because I want to do something against my frustration. I knew there was a little trailer I would like to buy. After picking the trailer I had a short look at the N-scale houses - I bought a few of them in the last weeks - and look what I found: a wonderful church!
I think you'll agree that I have to take it, mmh?

WOW now I'm totally relaxed