Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

by night

Allthough I am in the mood for making a new scene, no idea comes to me - so I made some familiar settings and I think that's part of the healing - like chicken broth.


lovely pubdoll presented me some fabrics with very very small patterns and I enjoy, because they are hard to find! I have a lot of fabrics in my drawers and they wait to be cushions or bedspreads or chairs. We will see, what happens this week, when I am at home. I have two cocktail-armchairs to be covered with cloth and I tried some of my new and old, which one should I take?

unfinished projects

Yeah! Cocco, Pubdolls friend (and NOT a doll), was soooo nice to make such a seven-chair for me. Thanks a lot, Cocco! You're the best! I realized, that it is not the best time to make new scenes and guessed, that the reason is, there are too many unfinished projects. So I put all my stuff out of the drawers, which I wanted to bring to an end "one day"....
here is the cheerless result:

Off topic

Today I made a chicken broth for me. I like to eat such traditional meals when (kind of) ill.

Because I had not the right herbes, I put sage, tarragon and dill in the soup, that was, what I found in my cupboard. Wow, thats unusual, but good! You must try it. But don't take so much, only a little bit.

I want to thank all of you for your beeing here with me.