Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

A-frame house

After I saw the wonderful a-frame-house on callsmalls blog I decided to make one from wood-leftover from working on the shoerack-house. But I was tired from the "hard" work on wood and decided to make one from cardboard. Because I glued it with tape I had to cover it and decided to do a kind of papermaché with fragments of an old book. this looked good and special, but the whole house was awry now - looking quite good as a whole thing, but not able to have furnitures in it.
Now I tried another cover with "wood" and I think it will be a nice decoration-piece, but not good for fotographing miniatures in it. Doesn't matter. It is a lot of fun to make such a house, perhaps I can improve and make it line or another one that is line.

So now I'm on my way to meet some old friends during the next three weeks. The first is Püppilottchen who lives near and I'm very glad to see her again after we met at the fair last year.

Have a good time!

A lot of fotos of the progress are uploaded on flickr.