Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

want some caribbean feeling? (sunshine award)

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I'm so sick and tired of the winter, I want a bacardi-feeling right now.
No storm, no rain, no snow, no cold - only relaxing in the sun.
Hope you all who feel like this have a little moment of sunshine-feeling.
Once again I want to thank all you guys who give me the sunshine award.

Bathroom in a vinebox

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

The collector

The Lekman Box with a new outfit

I took my medicine the fifth day today and I feel much different in situations with noises from more than one source. It is so relaxing to be able to fade out the distracting noises. I think most of the people who are able to fade out cannot understand, what stress it is. To hear nothing or wrong is bad, but to hear too much ist bad too. With the medicine everything is okay and I am calm and not annoyed of the most things, not only depending on noises. I guess, and my doctor is sure, that I will not be so very exhausted after a day of work, because my concentration mustn't be so high. My employer is very glad and will give us a few weeks trial with the medication, and if everything went well, I'll stay for fulltime. If I feel bad with the medication or my body is against it, I'll have to quit my job. But then I propably will get a benefit because of beeing disabled.
I didn't know that all before! It was so good my employer drove me into this. So you can see again: You do not allways know, if it is good or bad, what happens. In this case it was good and I told my employer so. Perhaps there will be another chance for a halftime-job, but now it is good to have the chance to be able to work. I don't want to elide, that the medicine is not without risks.
Sorry, it's a bit long.
Here is my sunday-work, sorry I have no nice story for it, just make your own story in your head, but be quiet not to disturb Doreen, who is sleeping in the bed.

Freitag, 19. Februar 2010


After I made my little flower-arrangement I wanted more. I don't know much about ikebana, but I wanted to try it for a long time, I'm sure it's easier with the minis.
My meditation-resort has become the first ikebana-trial and I love this room even more with it.

the other trial is more colourful and modern.

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Winter farewell

I saw the green of the first snowdrops today, very small, very delicate. Usually they are nearly faded in the middle of February. I found a few things on my way to the rubbish bin and made an arrangement with it. The last wave of the winter - I hope so.


After three weeks odyssey from one doctor to another, from one examination to the other, a lot of stress and hope and frustration and hope again, I finally got my medicine, even if it is in an off-label-use and I have to pay it.
I feel totally good with it, I can hear everything I want and nothing else that could disturbe me. Now I'm eager to try it in my office and will go back to my job tomorrow.
I felt so relaxed after my last visit (for now) at the doctors - perhaps that was the reason that I discovered a very small shop for antiques I didn't know before. Oh, it was so small in it and so crowded, and the owner smoked the whole time and all the things smell like this. But it was fun, and I found this:
When you compare it to the 1:12 Miele washing machine you can see, that it is not good for a use in my dollshomes, but I felt I MUST have it. Perhaps I can sell it after a while for a good price?
I made a scene with Fran as an antiques-lover, and you can see that I found another flask cork (glass) which can be a flask for Fran or a lamp for my dollhouse.
But it is really a pity, that Fran cannot sit in another way like this:
So sad for her - and for me, I'm so limited through this. Hope you enjoy though!

Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Shrove Monday

This is little Petra with 3 1/3 years on Shrove Monday!

We lived in neighbourhood with a family with 4 children, who was very unusual. The father was gone, the mother was unemployed and the children were allowed to do so many things that are forbidden for us. It was just a paradise for us. I remember we jumped into the mother's bed from the top of the wardrobe! What fun.
On Shrove-Monday she gave a party for all the children who lived in the house, this was unusual too, because she had to move some of her furniture. She was crazy, but kind!

Obviously my little katimus as little red riding hood had not so much fun on her carnival-party in the kindergarten 1988. I guess she was afraid that someone would take her bottle of wine in her basket.

I stay at home this week, I have much trouble with my employers. They don't want to allow me to work less hours a week and ignore my medical attestations since month. So my doctor told me to stay at home for half the day, but they don't allow this because of the insurance - it is so very german!
The good news is, that I visited some more doctors because of my disorder with hearing and attention/concentration/perception and finally one of them had a diagnosis and medical treatment. I will try this, allthough it is not without risks.
Meanwhile I enjoy my childhood memories, my fat doll and I hope to be able to show you some more mini-scenes soon.
Have a great carnival you all!

Update: I found some more pics of carnival in my childhood: another party in the flat of our neighbours. the furniture of the kitchen was moved for us, so that we could enjoy our waffles all together.
when I grew older, I like to make up my face on karnival....