Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

warm and cosy

Recently I saw one of these new ethanol-firesides you can use in a room without a real fireplace. I have to say that I like it. I made a scene including such an "ethanol fireside" in my estetisk box that has an opening in the ceiling to have time to make a warm and cosy scene, matching to my knitting-work on this cold evenings.
then it seems a bit too cosy and warm to me, a bit oldfashioned and I picked a few items that look more "flower-powerish".

For all of you that are interested: the first - biggest - blanket is with my wool for socks and german needlesize 2,5
The second is with crochet-yarn 1 - 1,25 and needles I made by myself (don't ask).
The third piece is the pillow you see in the first scene and the very gifted maggimini sent me the needles size 1 and the matching yarn, so thin like sewing-yarn. thank you, maggi! the more I knit the better it works even with the thin yarn.

rain and snow and rain and snow

Update: The sun said hello for a short while and I played around.....

In the last days the weather was really bad. After the snow comes the rain and after the rain the snow. So I was very happy, that on this saturday morning everything outside was white. I want to show you again the view of my window into the white "landscape". I never used the Eichhorn-house in this way, I had to put it on a small pillar (for flowerpots I think). There is a foto you can see it all on my windowsill.
I made a room for a single again, with bed and desk - sometimes I would like to have two rooms, one for a desk, one for a bed. On this bed you can see my second knitted blanket, it's more fun than the needlework-pillows, because it is finished in a rather short time.