Freitag, 9. April 2010

Dollshouse on the road

Most of you know that I live in a very small appartement and my two windows and balcony are to the southwest-side, so unfortunately I have no place to take pictures on the other side of the house. The view out of my window as a background for my dollshouses is fotographed so many times, that it is boaring for me. I often wanted to take one of my houses outside, but I was too lazy to put all the stuff in boxes or a bag and so it was only a dream to make fotos with nice backgrounds of my town or the nature, as it is possible with my dolls.
But yesterday I found this greenhouse in a shopwindow and allthough it was not cheap, I bought it for my dollshouse on the road. I wouldn't have bought it, if it hadn't had a carrying handle.
First I went a few stairs above and tried fotos out of the stairway-window, from there you can see the "Fernsehturm", our town's landmark. But I must build something to set the house, so my first trials was not as good as I hoped. But I took the house and walked around the 1:1 house I live in - here are the results. I'm looking forward to the next warm day when I go to the park with it ;-)