Montag, 11. Januar 2010

grau in grau

Everything is grey in my town, no sunshine, no colour. This is not the grey I love.
I remember a time in my life, when everyone has a wall-to-wall-carpeting. It is no more modern and most people have wooden floors, but in this cold days I think it would be nice to be in a room with only carpet on the floor.
The other thing in this scene that has to do with former times is the flat-tv on the wall. When I first saw such a tv many many years ago (for about 12.000 €)I decided, that I MUST have such a screen one day far in the future. The reason is, that I never liked the tv-player in my living room, sometimes I even put a cloth over it. But this flat thing on the wall is okay. Last week I got this flat-tv from my daughter and her bf, because they got a bigger one. Now I am so happy to watch tv without my glasses!

The clock - I think everyone has this clock - is a gift from Carol, she noticed, that I hasn't this clock. The reason is, that I planned to make it one day - but now I can use it without crafting. Thanks again Carol!