Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009


Ich habe nun die Estetisk-Box einfach mal umgedreht. So sind kleine Lichtschlitze entstanden. Vielleicht werde ich versuchen, sie mit der Stichsäge noch etwas zu vergrößern.

I just flipped the Estetisk-Box and now I have little groove for light. Perhaps I will try to make it bigger with my jig saw.


  1. Die Lichtschlitze ist rießig! Sie transformiert den ganzen Raum zu einem Photo aus einem Interiörblatt!
    Deine Skulptur sieht neben der Lichtschlitze besonders gut aus !


  2. Das ist ein tolles Kompliment, vielen Dank!

  3. I agree! I like the patterns of light on the wall. And if you had not told us before that you made this sculpture yourself, I would have thought that you bought it at a museum or art gallery. As well as all the other words you found, you can add 'artistic'!

  4. thank you so much rebecca. I am a "Multidilettant". I know and have skill a little bit from very much branches, but I am not perfect in only one. So for example I am educated in two professions: assistant of a lawyer and hairdresser.
    You cannot see the back of the sculpture and that is good: she has no ass!
    I will build more of this sculptures, but I wanted to make fat woman, there a perfect examples in the net I have allready chosen to copy. that's so wonderfull in the mini-world: I can make nearly everything I want to make and do not need a lot of tools or expansive materials.
    regards and many thanks