Sonntag, 26. Juli 2009


Ich habe leider meine Kamera im Büro vergessen, so kann ich noch nicht meine neuen Ebay-Käufe zeigen, ganz viel von Bodo Hennig aus den 70ern. Es sind auch 3 Puppen dabei, die bestimmt Sammler-Kultstatus haben. Ich habe mal alle meine Puppen, denen ich einen kurzen Auftritt hier erlaubt habe, herausgesucht: Lego belleville, Elfinchen-Barbie, Playmobil, Eichhorn


  1. These rooms look great. I know you don't like to use dolls much but I like how they make the scenes come to life. Your rooms always look so lifelike. Nice work.

  2. dear doreen,
    I knew that you would like it;-)
    I purchased a lot of 70s furniture Bodo Hennig on ebay and there are three dolls, I think they are very precious and cultic for collectors.
    It's a shame that I forgot my camera in the office once again, so that I cannot show them.
    I hope, they will find good parents, because I don't want to have them.
    I hope I can show them tomorrow and perhaps there is a follower of my blog who wants this dolls.

  3. I am always looking for dolls to use in my different scenes. So I would be interested in them I am sure. How much would you want for them? Maybe we could trade something? (But nothing I have is modern.)

  4. So wait untill you see them. they are old people, some with grey hair!
    I'm sure we will find something to swap, for example your georgeous barbecue.