Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

1930er Schlafzimmer/bedroom

Gestern abend habe ich die Arbeiten an dem schönen alten Schlafzimmer abgeschlossen. Die Reste abgeschliffen, die dunklen Teile gebeizt und alles hauchdünn lackiert. Es sind echte Lieblingsstücke geworden.
yesterday I finished the work on my beautiful old bedroom-furniture, sanded the rests of paint off, bate the dark pieces and put a very thin cover of varnish on. They are really favorite-items now.


  1. Beautiful! You have done a terrific job with this furniture. And I love the fabric you are using as a bedspread here (and on a sofa in another picture).

  2. Thank you so much, Rebecca! Well, I love this furniture. I love the colour of the wood and the very good quality and the memories of grandparents and the possibilities to combine with modern or in an oldfashioned style. My favourite for my own home were the blue Crailsheimer-furniture, but for the dollshouse I love this one more.
    What's about the 1930 furniture in 1:10? No more interested? I would like to give it to you and see it in your blog.

  3. The bedroom furniture turned out great. It fits in with all your modern things so well.

  4. Ich liebe wie deinen Schalfzimmer geworden ist!
    Super Arbeit Oese! Und der Bettwäsche ist auch sehr schön, viele von meinen Puppen wurde auch so ein Bettwäsche sehr gern haben :-)