Samstag, 26. September 2009

The sunshine holds me off my housework

today. So I quickly set up a little scene in the barbershop. I found this acrylic drop and I am full of hope to cover it one day with cloth for beeing a kind of ballchair.
one day....


  1. I always love your photos!
    This floor is very nice. Did you make it?
    That chair is perfect for you! Wonderful idea!

  2. hello kathi, good morning to you!
    no, the floor came with the house - you can see the original-house here:

    unfortunately it is paper and I have to be very careful. I varnished it, so that I must not be too much careful - that's not my temperatment.

    I like your house and seeing the progress too. I think you have grownup children like me and pretty much time for this hobby - that is so good for us!

  3. thank you so much, helene! first I thougt that was a pun I would never understand, but my translater says: drop dead gorgeous is "umwerfend schön" - so I DO understand: yippieh!

  4. And I have learnt "umwerfend schön" :-)
    Happy you understood it, I just couldn't resist!