Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

dutch cloth-market

a dutch cloth-market
is a very famous market for all kind of clothes and I was searching for cloth with very small patterns, that are not little flowers. I was successful, but I couldn't buy 20 cm as usual, but 50 or 100 cm. so I had not enough money in my bag and I have too big pieces, but only three instead of some more I expected to buy.
At home I realized that one cloth is very good for the floor and made a scene with it in my lekman-box.


  1. Un salon precioso!!!!!!!!!!!me he enamorado de el.besitos ascension

  2. Among the scenes you have done so far, I think this is one of my favourites! I love the colors and pattern in the carpet, beautifully repeated in the interior, as with the pink glasses. And the sideboard is beautiful, is it originally a kitchen bench?

  3. VERY nice, Oese! I love the carpet and the kitchen counter looks very chic!

  4. hello pubdoll!
    I like the arpet too. I wanted to make a sofa from this cloth, but as a carpet it is very "seventies" I think.
    thank you so much for your compliment, I enjoy! I think the sideboard you mean is the thing I made out of a medicine case (you see them on the wall too) and two "nippels" for the IVAR shelve/Ikea. I have many of them and there are for a good use in many cases!
    have a nice evening!

  5. thank you callsmall, I have enough of this cloth. In our next swap (???) I will put you a bit of it in the packet :-)
    have a nice afternoon!

  6. Very clever! I have these same boxes from IKEA for my Expedit book case, and never would have thought to use them for a diorama. They work wonderfully. And your carpet is perfect--I love the colors!
    Plus, your details are amazing. Very wonderful.

  7. thank you so much alison.
    and a warm welcome to my blog. I'm very pleased to have you as my follower. I will bring you flowers soon....

  8. I like your medicine case shelf too, but this time I meant the beautiful counter on which the TV is placed.
    I just forgot the right word for it :-)

  9. Aha, the 'lapjesmarkt'. Do you actually go to Holland for that, or do you get these markets in Germany as well? When I lived in Utrecht and Amsterdam I did a lot of fabric shopping at the lapjesmarkten. Loved all the bargains, could make an entire outfit for 20 Euro's ;-)Unfortunately there aren't any where I live now.

    Great scene you've put together! Is the silver wall with the little squares the lid of a make-up box? It looks like one I bought, the eye-shadow for using as shading on flowers etc, the lid for using in my childhood dolls house one day.

  10. good morning pubdoll!
    I'm not sure about all the words for furniture, even every kontinent has different ones ;-)

  11. Hi Josje,
    thank you very much for the word "lapjesmarkt", it is much nicer than dutch cloth market, which is my own creation ;-)
    Once a year it is in our town, I heard about it in the shop where I usually search for cloth.
    the scene is setted up in a box from ikea, named lekman. it fits to the expedit-shelve-unit. You can see it on the last very little pic.
    thanks for your comment! I enjoy all of them.