Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

how do you like this dollshouses?

I found all these lovely "houses" on this site for railway-models. look here.
Some will not be in the right scale, but I try to get some of these. After working on my art-deco and cubes-dollshouses in 1:144 I am frustrated.


  1. I love the first too! I'd get them definitely.

  2. I love them, a great idea! I must find myself a railway model shop!

  3. The first two are great. I, too, love the possibilities with railway houses for 1:144. Hope you show us some creations soon!

  4. Hi you all!
    Thank you for your nice comments. Unfortunately the houses are in the scale 1:87, much too big for my dollhouse. I hope I will find some similar ones in "my" scale. There is a railway-shop very near to my house, so I will have look after buying my breakfast-rolls!