Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

thank you very much, mr. postman

I actually wanted only this nightstands for my lundby-house as dressers. but the matching bed and wardrobe were so cheap, that I took them all together.


  1. You have really found many nice things during your time off from work! I love the night stands! And nice lamp as well, so creative!

  2. Not only is this bed sleek and modern but the footboard solves the problem of hiding the comforter. It takes me forever to tuck the blankets in so they don't look bulky in pictures. I think I'll have to try to find a bed like this.

  3. Hi Pubdoll, to have enough time, to be too ill to go out so much, but not so ill to sleep the whole day - that makes a big hole in the budget ;-(
    Good news: it makes a lot of fun to receive this nice packets. There are two on their way to me...

    petitenouveau, you're right, it is much easier to fotograph the bedspread with this footboard. I actually wanted to paint it white, because I had no bed for my light-blue Crailsheimer bedroom-furniture, but I think I'll try to make a returnable cover from fotopaper or something else.

    Thank you both for your comments, I think I'd have stopped blogging without them.

  4. You have such lovely furniture!
    The double wardrobe is lovely and everything goes together so beautifully :-)

  5. thank you so much natalie, you have lovely (and so many) furniture too. is it true, that we both are collectors of this stuff since winter 2008? this is less than a year!!!