Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

yellow bathroom

I won this furniture on ebay ...

... and I was - for the first time - disappointed about the condition.
the seller promised me to pay back a part of the price, so I'm content with the deal,

... especially because the items look very good on pics, you cannot see that the white is cream and the other "mistakes". it's vintage!

(I was in a hospital for a few days, they took away my thyroid, but now everything is okay and I have a little resting time, so I can make a few scenes with my new items and build a few things between sleeping and getting well.)


  1. I love this! Vintage looks great with your mini modern style!
    So sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you are feeling better soon!
    You ARE "making the world more beautiful with simple things!"

  2. thank you so much, kathi. It is nice to hear that my feeling about my destiny/destination in life is alright;-)
    meanwhile I love my dirty vintage too!

  3. Both the kitchen and bathroom looks great on the pictures, as long as you doesn't show the bottom of the bath tub :-) Love the colours and the curved back wall of the bath tub.
    I'm not good at medical stuff, but taking away the thyroid sounds pretty serious to me, hope you get better soon and that you get a lot of rest!

  4. The pictures make them look lovely
    I like the bath mat, too

    Sorry to hear you were in hospital! hope you feel better soon, no talking lol! and plenty of rest :-)

  5. thank you pubdoll and natalie for your comment and wishes. don't be in worry about me.
    yes, it's better not to talk for a while, but blogging is talking without my voice :-P

  6. sorry to hear about your woes, and glad you are better! lovely lovely collection you have, always a pleasure looking through your pictures ^ ^

  7. Ahh my friend, I just read about you being in the hospital. I know you do not like to talk too personal but I do wish you a speedy recovery and hope you will take it easy so that you can get well soon. At least it will give you some time to play around with your rooms. I can't believe the collection you have accumulated since I first started to follow your blog. And you do so much with what you have! All the best you my friend.

  8. thank you very much, doreen. I appreachiate your and all personal wishes for my recovery. In fact I do not like to be others in worry about me, because that's "bad energy" for me, so I didn't talk so much about the surgery before. I believe in destiny - can I say so?
    It's good to have friends like you in the internet, I'm very pleased.
    so thank you again.

  9. The bathroom is beautiful, and the scene you have set it in brings out the golden yellow colour so much more.
    I hope you are recovering well, and that your thyroid condition was not serious. My cat and I both have thyroid conditions - my cat produces too much thyroid hormone, so she takes medicine to suppress it. My thyroid does not produce enough, so I have to take a supplement. We were both unwell before it was diagnosed (a couple of years ago), but we are both much better now. I just have to make sure not to mix the tablets up!
    I hope you feel much better soon.

  10. hello rebecca,
    thanks for your comment, it's interesting, that so much comments come from three pieces I only bought WITH the kitchen and won't have chosen by myself ;-)
    the lumps in the thyroid was benign - I have to use my dictionary so often while speaking about that thyroid, puh!
    my thyroid was too big and it wasn't nice in my neck, not enought space, allways a tight feeling. I hope this will be better in future, but I have to take hormones my whole life, because there is no more production now, it is nothing left. I don't think thats a good situation, but it could be more worst, so what.
    had you the time to look at my pics on flickr?
    have a nice day!