Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Emil Nolde

In the 80s after my divorce I had my watercolor-period. Every evening, when my children were in their beds, I tried to copy famous pictures I like. This one hanging on the wall (in my dollhouse-period) is inspired by Emil Nolde.
Allthough it is not good behaviour I must say, that I love this painting and I am sad, that I gave it away. But I'm lucky to have a professional fotograph of it.


  1. I am sure the person who has it now feels very lucky though!! It's a beautiful painting! -ara

  2. That makes you a true artist, your art is out in the world on its own! C

  3. I love Emil Nolde, and I love your painting! There's nothing wrong with copying paintings as long as you don't pass it off as the real thing!!
    I love how the colours in the painting are reflected in the colours of the bottles and glasses, real and reflected in the mirror. Beautiful. You are certainly multi-talented :-)

  4. Both the scene and the painting is lovely Oese!
    I can see why you are sad you gave it away! I know the feeling, I have also given away the pictures I have made that I was the most pleased with.
    I love the nativity as well!

  5. Hello you all, thank you so much for your nice comments and compliments, I'm very pleased.
    And I learned a new word, nativity. I'd have said crib, but nativity sounds much better.