Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

some more unfinished project cleared

In the museum-shop I found this postcard, it waits for beeing tiles some day. the day is today.

I recovered the cream paint from this sink, it was hard work, but I like it and I like the result.
this cabinet came with the 1930-house and without a door, so it is hard for me to find a good use for it, but in this scene it works I think. Again a mix of styles, perhaps there are a few young people living together here...

this was an orange Bodo-Hennig-chair and I don't like orange so much - except combined with turquoise.

the lilac chair came with the modella kitchen in a very ugly green, in this lilac I like it more and it looks more like a wooden chair than like a plastic. The turquoise chair is Modella too. Because I have 5 red-white chairs allready and because the new ones was very dirty, I painted them too.
The Bodo-Hennig Shelve has the same color as the chair.

the wooden chair (1930 house, painted red and white before) was a hard work too, but I like the result.


  1. What a wonderful idea to make a postcard like this into tiles! It looks great - and so does the whole kitchen.

  2. Thank you, Rebecca. The tiles on this foto had just the right size for my rooms, so it was easy to have the idea.
    Nice you like the room, it is not a calm and clear designer-kitchen ;-)